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Did Ultimate Cycler really Crash?

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Lots of Nigerians have started praying since they held a huge rumour that Ultimate Cycler has crashed. Yes they maybe correct but also wrong.

how? Let me explain.

The word Crash in concern to Ultimate Cycler means one thing, which is "The Website Crashed". This is totally different from "Ultimate Cycler Crashed".

Ultimate Cycler Crashed means the programme crashed, which is Not So True. The programme will continue as soon as the technical experts get the website up and running.

Why did Ultimate Cycler Website Crashed?

Every website is designed to hold some specific numbers of visitors or audience, this is called bandwidth. And the number of visitor depend on your web server capacity or web hosting plan. This can happen to any website that is over crowded with traffic or visitors.


  1. Canada's immigration website crashes during US vote:Canada's immigration website has suffered an intermittent fault that made it inaccessible to visitors during the US election vote. Officials have confirmed that the cause was a higher than normal level of traffic.It has been suggested this may have been caused by US citizens exploring their options following Donald Trump's victory.


  2. Earlier this year in April, the police recruitment portals psc.gov.ng npf.gov.ng crashed 24hours after opening for application, at that time only about 8,000 applications were received.
  3. The-same happened during the N-Power application, the website for the N-Power programme, npower.gov.ng witnessed a technical error few minutes after the portal opened for application.
  4. Also during the job application for civil service recruitment exercise the portal witnessed some technical issues. These scenarios paint a picture of a more aggressive internet penetration in Nigeria.

Now, what about Ultimate Cycler? having more than 100,000 to 200,000 thousand new members daily which large percentage of the new subscribers are from Nigeria. Within 60 days Ultimate Cycler has recorded 1.2million new user from Nigeria alone, and you expert the website not to crash? The site need to be restructured.







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